Rehabilitation Services

At White Pine Care we combine the personal touch of our talented therapists with an intimate gym space and essential equipment including a physical therapy room, restorative nursing and Wii coordination therapy. Together it helps to create an environment that encourages patients and residents to reach their personal best level of health.

· Physical therapists help patients reach their highest level of independent mobility and learn how to prevent injury.  Here are a few examples of physical therapy outcomes:

-Increased strength and mobility in the body and lower extremities
-Increased motor control
-Improved coordination and balance
-Improved overall strength conditioning, range of motion and endurance

· Occupational therapists work with patients to improve their command of daily activities.  Here are a few examples of occupational therapy outcomes:

-Functional independence: eating, bathing, toileting, homemaking, cooking
-Maintenance of wellness: dressing and grooming
-Prevention of further disability: home assessments and modifications, adaptive equipment
-Increasing safety awareness

· Speech & Language Pathology specialists assist patients in achieving improved quality of life through assessment of language, swallowing and/or cognitive disorders.  Here are a few examples of speech-language pathology outcomes:

-Improvement of speech and voice clarity
-Increasing comprehension and verbal expression
-Improvement of chewing and swallowing
-Maximizing cognitive language skills: memory, problem solving, abstract reasoning